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Helping children stay safe on the road.

We would probably all agree that learning about being safe on the roads is very important.

Our 5-Alive! Roadwise Primary Schools Project covers many aspects of road-user education.

A teacher commented, "The day had a great impact on the school. The children really enjoyed their day - and got a lot from it."

And from children "We all got involved and the games were really good and I learnt things I didn't know before." "I will look left and right while I am crossing the road."

- Click Teaching - for more details.

- Click Activity Books and Story Books - Books for children with a road-user theme. Children can gain proficiency awards and will need the help of a responsible adult - have a family project with each child using their own 5-Alive!Raodwise Skills and Activity Books.

- Click Bookmarks - to help children to remember a safe way to cross the road. Crossing the road is a learned skill and children need to learn and practice where and how to cross the road. Roadwise Education created and developed 5-Alive!as an easy way for children to remember where and how to cross the road.

- Click Audio - to listen to part of The Road Crossing Song.

- Click Scarves - for special School Safety Scarves to help keep children safe on the way to and from school.

- Click Font - to see special Roadwise Education font - great for using on 5-Alive!Roadwise Days! The RoadEP Font is based on traffic signs and symbols.